Box for a ship

This is the last thing I made at the old Madrona Labs location before moving out. A box for a big wooden ship model put together by my uncle. It’s made of fir I bought at the store a while back with trim of some kind of mahogany I was given. These woods look nice together. I think the splines give the piece a nice rhythm.

I like making these spline boxes so I treated myself to some corner clamps. Pony brand!

Cutting the rabbet on the router fence led to a lot of jumping and tearing out. I need to take some practice pieces and spend more time on that operation to figure out what I might be doing wrong. Wrong kind of straight router bit could be an issue.

img_0909 img_0910

Big gear sale Sunday July 24 (updated)

I’m downsizing my home studio in favor of computer-based tools, and thereby selling a bunch of electronic instruments and processors. These are all things I like but that I haven’t touched in a year or more, so out they go.

I want to sell all of these items locally if possible, so I’m having a sale at my wood shop in Seattle this coming Sunday. I’m setting firm prices for the sale that are significantly under what the items go for on eBay. If you want an item but you think the price is too high, you are welcome to leave an offer with me at the shop.  If nobody pays the asking price for an item during the sale, I’ll look at all the offers afterwards and either take the best offer or auction the item online.

I’ll have a mixer set up at the shop, so that we can try things out. After checking them out, all items will be sold as-is. I’ll accept payment via cash or a verified PayPal account with a local address.

This Sunday, July 24, noon–5pm. 4512 14th Ave. NW.

For sale are:

  • Big pile of Boss half-rack modules, $400 (SOLD)
  • Roland System 100 sequencer model 104, $800
  • dbx 119 compressor, $100 (REDUCED: $40)
  • Gates M-5136 preamp/mixer, $300
  • Kawai K5m, $100
  • Krohn-Hite filter model 335R-9, $1000
  • Linndrum with MIDI and some weird sounds, $600 (SEE NOTE)
  • Deluxe electric mistress ’80s flanger, $80 (SEE NOTE)
  • Korg MS-20, $900 (SOLD)
  • Moog 12-stage phaser, $400
  • SPL Vitalizer SX2, $200 (SOLD)
  • dbx 500 “disco boom box”, $200 (REDUCED: $100)
  • RY30 drum machine, $200 (SOLD)
  • Roland SH-101, $700 (SOLD)
  • Roland TR-606, $300 (SOLD)
  • Fostex Model E-2, $250 (REDUCED: $100)
  • six foot tall metal 19″ rack enclosure with wheels and a back door, make offer
  • plus a bunch of snakes, misc.electronics parts, old oscilloscope, decibel meter, reverb tanks, other interesting junk

(UPDATE July 26)

Some things are sold. Some things have lower prices. See above.

I turned on the LinnDrum to demonstrate it, and unfortunately nothing happened—it is broken. I’m going to hang onto it and I guess fix it someday. If you are real interested in fixing it yourself, let me know.

The Electric Mistress is not working right either. It takes around 10 seconds after switching the foot switch to pass audio through it. Weird! This would need some love from a techy person. I’ll let it go for cheap, if you are interested in fixing it.

The dbx compressor is just not as neat as I remembered. It has a cool punch to it, but there is no makeup gain, so it’s kind of a pain to work with. Price reduced.




Big pile of Boss half-rack modules, $400

Includes funny little stand, power connectors and brochure. You may know that these all are very fun, and you can do insane things with the RSD and RPS. Like effects Legos. Looks like we are missing a knob. I am short one Roland/Boss PSU so this may not come with an adapter. Replacements are easy to find.



Roland System 100 sequencer model 104, $800

Ruthless. A tank. Very grabbable.



dbx 119 compressor, $100

Small, puts a bounce and a definite color on things. I read on the internet that it has the same VCA module as a dbx 160.



Gates M-5136 preamp/mixer, $300

Two mic inputs and a 1/4″ out are on the back. Tubes are inside. Big wire-wound pots and probably the best knobs ever.



Kawai K5m, $100

Cracked screen. Hotrodded for higher output gain. Makes very digital sounds, and sometimes that’s a good thing. Horrible to program.



Krohn-Hite filter model 335R-9, $1000

Yeah, I don’t really want to sell this. $1000 may be high. But it’s hard to say—I have never seen another one of these, and it’s got that fairy dust. Tube lo / hi filters with a choice of four attenuation slopes and four combinations. Should probably be recapped and wired directly to a patch bay in your nice recording studio, not sitting here where I just pet it once in a while.



Linndrum with MIDI and some weird sounds, $600


This went to many live shows with me around 15 years ago. I replaced one of the cymbal sounds with a reverbed dubby crash using an Oberheim Prommer (hi Tom.) The sliders could use some love. Linn Drums just aren’t this cheap any more and with some effort it could be returned to stock condition.


Deluxe electric mistress ’80s flanger, $80



Korg MS-20, $900

Original version. Looks like we are missing two knobs.


Moog 12-stage phaser, $400

SPL Vitalizer SX2, $200

dbx 500 “disco boom box”, $200



RY30 drum machine, $200



Roland SH-101, $700

Modified with external input to the filter and (I believe) a VCO FM input.I am short one Roland/Boss PSU so this may not come with an adapter. Replacements are easy to find.


Roland TR-606, $300

With three external outs. I am short one Roland/Boss PSU so this may not come with an adapter. Replacements are easy to find.



Fostex Model E-2, $250

7 1/2 – 15ips 1/4″ deck. The sync heads play back appropriately but the repro heads do not. They did when I got it, so—an amplifier has malfunctioned, possibly? With that fixed, an amazing hi-fi machine, or use as is for tape loops etc. off the sync head. Cool red digital counter. Includes one reel of 456.