Hi, I’m Randy Jones. Since I got a VIC-20 in the early ’80s I have written a lot of computer programs, most of which have made sounds and/or pictures. Since around 2000 I have been using these programs to play shows, an activity people call “live A/V” or “live cinema.” I’ve had the pleasure of performing at some great festivals including Cinema by Design (Seattle), Decibel (Seattle), Festival de Música Electroacústica (Havana), LEAPS (Vancouver), MUTEK (Montreal), Media-Space (Stuttgart), New Forms (Vancouver), Spark (Minneapolis), Technicolor (Berlin), Transmissions (Chicago).

In 2008 I founded Madrona Labs where I make hardware and software for electronic music. At Madrona Labs, our tools embody the radical idea that electronic instruments can be every bit as alive and expressive as acoustic ones. So far we have made two virtual instrument plugins, Aalto and Kaivo, and a very nice wooden musical interface, the Soundplane.

I’ve written a few articles about live cinema, my software and hardware work and related topics, and I’d like to spur myself on to do more writing about all kinds of things now that I don’t have the publish-or-perish motive. I’d also like to put the writing somewhere free from advertising. So here we are.

I’m not Randy Jones the 1976 Cy Young Award Winner, or Randy Jones the cowboy from the Village People.

Twitter: @Randy_AKA_Caro

email: randy (at) madronalabs.com